Botadkar College

Institutional Distinctiveness

• The College as a higher education institution is committed in imparting quality education to empower the students and strive to foster integral development of the students by enabling them to be intellectually alert, emotionally balanced, morally sound, socially committed, culturally enriched and spiritually oriented. Institution has projectors, Computers, Internet which is used in the teaching learning processes. Teaching is made student centric and innovative teaching methodologies are used by the teachers in the dissemination of information. CCTV cameras have been installed in all class rooms to effectively monitor the smooth functioning of classes. • We believed in imparting holistic education with emphasis on character building to create good citizens who can contribute effectively towards nation building. The Management has proactively lent its support to ensure that the quality of teaching learning process is sustained while there is a vertical and horizontal growth in the college. • College endeavors to inculcate a strong sense of Discipline in its functioning to ensure students build high levels of commitments. • The performance of our students in examination is exceptional in spite of the fact that majority of them have a rural background. The secret of success is due to the remedial teaching which is undertaken to cater to the needs of slow learners. Mentoring has also helped the students to get rid of academic and stress related problems. Special training programmes by qualified IAS and IPS officer is also imparted to students to appear for competitive exams. Yoga and meditation sessions have helped the students to have a healthy mind in a healthy body. Besides, academics our students have brought laurels to the Institution by excelling in various sports and cultural programmes both at State and Inter-Collegiate level, community service through N.S.S. and N.C.C. • The college is known for its special achievements in sports and has a tradition of good performance. The students are provided indoor and outdoor games and sports facility. Our students have noted their presence in the performance by acquiring color at the different level. There are also students who have been deployed in army and at other professions. • Kavishree Botadkar Arts and Commerce College is known for being an inclusive, safe and gender friendly campus. The students of the college come from all strata of society and belong to different religions. The safe and secure environment of the college attracts a large number of boys students especially from the farmers and diamond worker groups. Girl students out number blys in most of the programmes of the college. • Cultural Festivals and Sports: students of Kavishree Botadkar Arts and Commerce College are fully involved in conducting all the departmental festivals as well as the annual, intercollege and All-India level cultural festival. They conceptualize, plan and organize these festivals, thereby developing organizational skills and creative ability. The Cultural Committee of the college trains students to compete in prestigious inter-collegiate festivals like Dooha –Chhand , Bhajan etc. and win the awards for the college.