Botadkar College


Best Practice-1 :

1. Title of the Practice : Learn with Earn 2.Goal : The aim was to help the students coming from underprivileged sections of society, girl students and also to provide them a source of income in a way which does not hamper their studies. The goal was to provide a scope for employability in the campus itself. Moreover, the institute aimed at utilizing the talent of the students. The motive was also to make the students value the importance of hard work while learning and also instill in them the importance of hard earned money. Generally, in our society girls are not encouraged to get education. By this best practice, the institute aims to provide wings to girls students for realizing their dreams. 3. The Context : The institute is located in an area where many students come from villages and adjoining rural areas. Not only that there are children whose parents are farmers or diamond workers. Their financial condition is not so good but the passion to study is intense.It was felt that due to lack of finance after graduation they will join for external course. There were many girls and boys who discontinued their studies because they could not afford to pay the fees. In order to help these learners follow their dreams the college adopted this practice. 4. The Practice : This practice was started in 2015-16 and since then has been improvement. In order to implement it, simply, a notice was circulated that if students are interested in working before or after the college hours and have minimum computer proficiency and office work etc. may contact the authority. Initially only two or three students came forward but with the passage of time this practice became very popular because these students get respect not only from the teachers but also from their peer group. For the students it is a good opportunity because they can manage their studies and raise finance for their family easily. Commerce and arts students work in the afternoon schedule. Along with earning they are also able to learn the art of managing, organizing delegating. Generally, these students work as data entry operators but based on the quality of work they do, they are given important tasks as well. Students not only assist in data entry but they after one year assist the teachers in coordinating various competitions and activities also. If a student lacks proficiency in Excel or other basic computer courses, the other students train him/ her.

Best Practice-2 :

1. Title of the Practice : our Social Responsibility 2. Motto :- Helping to the Society 3. Goal: (a) To sensitize the students to various dimensions of Social issues. (b) awareness to sense of social responsibility. (c) To promote environmental awareness. 4. The Practice : Kavishree Botadkar Arts and Commerce College is committed to the cause of social responsibility and works. It is sought to arouse the social conscience of students and provide them with the opportunity to work with the people around and understand the practical realities in the society. The main objective of this practice is to promote Community service, Education and Environment. Awareness Programme on Social issues, Blood donation Camp, Social work etc. are some social initiatives undertaken by the NSS and NCC team to help people. Environmental Initiatives Mother Earth has given everything to us. Being a part of the nature, it’s our responsibility to do something for mother earth. Plantation drive, aware to environment, No Plastic bag campaign to help environment 5. Evidence of Success: The press has given coverage to the work done through the social outreach programme by volunteers. The students have benefited a great deal. It has given them confidence in working with the community. It has been a process of self discovery for many.