Botadkar College

Azad Group

  • The main purpose of Azad group is to develop the students well equipped and prepared them excellent in all aspects. The main goal is that the students could participate not only in curricular activities but also participated in co-curricular activities & other social and spiritual activities. This group tried to teach them how to adjust with surrounded environment & create their position in the society. They are joining with institutional, spiritual, sociological & national services.


  • The ancient teaching- learning process & modern teaching learning process are different with each other. The modern teaching learning process is importance only in best merit but the ancient teaching learning process is importance on value based & quality based education. The chairman of this group is Dr. A.J.Makwana, Principal of our college. The institution does not provide value based education because of some difficulties & limitations. For this purpose we create this group named by ‘Azad Group’. In this group some selected students and selected ex-students of our group are always active. They give them proper knowledge and guidance.