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NSS :-

  • The College monitors that a student enrolls in the extension activities right after the The N.S.S. Units undertakes drive to enroll for membership in their units after admission in the 1st year. There are Four Units of N.S.S. consisting of 100 students in each unit
  • This is supplemented by the counseling provided by the teachers during the time of admission and also after.
  • The faculty has meetings with Principal in which it is asked to mention its interest in extension activities including participation in N.S.S. and other agencies and is assigned duties accordingly.
  • Keeping in view the social needs and responsibilities students from all departments are enrolled for N.S.S. (National Services Scheme) for performing various social activities in terms of blood donation Camps, extension lectures, skill development programmes etc.
  • The N.S.S. units of the College actively participated in the following community services:
    1. Cleaning the Environment
    2. Plantation
    3. Literacy Mission
    4. Community Health program
    5. Blood Donation Camps
    6. Prevention of Drug addiction and Rehabilitation of Victims
    7. Welfare of Women and Childcare
    8. HIV / AIDS Awareness program
    9. Sadbhavana Relly
    10. National Youths’ Day
    11. Seminars, Workshops, Lectures, and Cultural Activities
    12. Relief Work